Toppy Fans

SAFETY WARNING. While the Toppy is connected to the mains, even in standby, there is 300 Volts on one of the exposed metal heatsinks in the power suppy.


80mm fan

(Info correct at time of writing - early 2008)

Technical data: 1000 Silent Eagle, Rated voltage 12 V (DC), Power consumption 1.44 W, Fan speed 1000 rpm, Airflow 11.4 CFM, Noise level 8.9 dB(A), Dimensions (mm) 80 x 80 x 25

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Cables sold separately - from Ebay, Maplin etc. Search for 'MOLEX' 'fan' 'adapter' combinations of key words


40mm Mini-Kaze fan from

Model Mini-Kaze

The 40mm fan is running at 3500rpm @ 12V , Air volume 4CFM, Noise 14dBA and, surprisingly, this is has little wind noise.

Fixing: The fans were fitted to the Toppy case with thin platic cable ties. The cheap very thin plastic ties from pound shops, and occassionally on sale in Aldi/Lidl, work better than the better quality nylon ties. The softer plastic ones bend easier and therefore fit almost flat to the top of the box.

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<p>Extra small holes in the plastic fan casing were drilled to match the spacing of the air vents in the Toppy casing.</p>
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Ambient temperature = 22C

Airflow temperature from 80mm fan = 34C

Airflow temperature from 40mm fan = 36C

Hard disk temperature (using the HDD Info TAP to monitor temperature) = 40C